Friday, February 27, 2009

Greetings little earthlings(:

 today was a BIG let down): 

To start it, this whole week it has been raining typically everyday.. so the field was wet and partly flooded today. Thus, Mr. Sara decided to postponed the Tug-Of-War preliminary rounds to next Thursday! I've been training for like a week for this competition and he postponed it!=X So to compensate, i played football in the evening=] It was a 11 vs 11, 2-hour game=X we lost 9-5, i missed 4 goals!

how could I? i really need more training=] didn't play football for like a week also, due to poor weather conditions. GAHHHH.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Subang school for singing Audition for some sort of event in their school, Fam Brothers, And Shu Sisters will be joining me(: maybe more, I've no idea.
I'll update more about tomorrow , tomorrow=]
I'm done for(:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i swear some bastard is gonna pay for this... someone stole my RM 200 from my wallet yesterday.. I'm pissed off right now.. but what can i do?):

Never mind about that.. no time for moaning what that i can't get back=X in 2 more days we'll be challenging yellow house in Tug-Of-War.. i'll be training hardcore tomorrow so i'm not going to school againXD that's it for today(: i'll update more tomorrow about my day, and TUG OF WAR!

May The Best Team Win!
I'm done for(:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've noticed something... for the past week I've been eating Spicy food everyday.. damnn not gonna like the outcome=X 

today I didn't go to school, I stayed home to watch the 81st Academy Awards!! but unfortunately my Astro Smart card when crazy and
 i didn't manage to watch it): *not so 'smart' after all..*

I went out with my girlfriend on Saturday to 
pavilion and we watched Pink Panther 2(: nice show indeedXD later on got ourselves some polo tee's. after that, her mum fetched us out for dinner in a Japanese restaurant 'Hajime' in Ampang, nice cos
y place, i recommend couples, or family to dine there! because its dark, thus romantic(:
  I have loads of picture in my phone but my dumb computer can't read my phone.... tss.. I WANT I NEW LAPTOP!
i'll update more next time(:
I'm done for(:

Friday, February 20, 2009

okayyy..i'm sorry for not updating my bloog again..

really busy these days and my Internet connection is haywire!D:
Class Test1 *which is my last exam in Sekolah Sri KDU* just ended a day ago:X
results are like trash...
melvin keeps on getting A1's for everything!! like he's plucking apples of a tree or something!
But my results dont matter anyway, cause im going to Australia before end of the semseter):
Gonna miss you guys alot>< *hinting Leenna!*
Justin Chan is leaving school.. Thus, the class will be limited to 17 people
last thursday, we had a football match, and i injured my nose(:
so now my glasses bent, thus from TODAY onwards.
John Wong will wear Contact lenses for football!
It's rather complicated if you're a first timer like meXD
and next week is gonna be a busy week for me=X
gonna train my TUG-OF-WAR team!
This year i was awarded the post 
'Official Captain Of Tug Of War Blue House Team 2009'
Feel so proud having that post(:
I gotta go now, dinner calls, guitar calls and yada yada!
OK, Im done for(:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Check it outt!!
guess what i'm going toooooooooo.
*drum rollls*

i was surprise i was able to convince my mumXD
and Jodi is going to follow me(:
anyone interested?XD
I'm done for(: