Thursday, February 28, 2008

i can't believe im saying this... but...
you are crap...

John is so ''Artistic''
remember that!!XD
because John is in deco for
in the art room messing stuff up!!=]

meet Raxine...a.k.a




he makes up the world lamest jokes*seriously*

''This is more funky den ther 70's arh!!''

*favourite line people..*

he keeps repeating that line people

believe me.. Favourite LINE!!

OK....this is NOT what you think it is!!
nope... its not my hand..
remember people.. ITS NOT MINE!XD
here are the ingredients to make
A pair of lifeless form5's..XD
1. whisk quarter of a bottle of glue.
2. get two hands, one from each lifeless-er.
3. thoroughly pour a generous amount of glue on them.
4. remember to feel in the little knocks-and-cranies.
5. dry time and its ready to served chilled.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


[Tan Yu Ming]
the guy who i never regret meeting=]

[ Lim Sui Lun]
Piano-Kid..and best advice friend!

[Chin Sze Mei]
Just one sentence for u....'tau kei!!'

FEB babes!!!!!

ok its been awhile since i talked about my life=]....
Yesterday my mum had this open house thingy.. it was not that bad...OHOHOhohoh the best part is i got drunk at the end... erm..the food was awesome and guess what?? its all home cook food!!!!!XD my grandma cooked and my 'chef' cooked too.. i got about 100 bucks of ang pao!!!hehe=P

hahaha and i beat everybody there in fusball!!

u get the picture right??!!XD

im to lazy to type anything more...


Thursday, February 21, 2008


omg.. a guy like me..
not keen in studying at all..
A1 for Biology
A2 for Chemistry
A2 for modern maths
A2 for addmaths
Truly unbelievable
MIRACLE'S the word!
Science stream here i come!!!!=]

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yesterday was a rather a special day for this special someone..
i knew her last year
she was one awesome girl
with the power of PERASAN!
loves to CAM-WHORE!
made me not so photogenic!=]
and likes really really cute stuff
add in little kids!!!

hope you like the cupcakes and that big-fluffy-huggable bear!!

hello peeps!!XD last Saturday was the BOMB!!
i was invited to join up with ma friends to go carollin
in peoples house!!
we went to so many peoples house* i think 7*
we travelled by a really old shaggy bus!
*it wasn't that bad!!XD*
we had lotsa lotsa food in their houses
but we didn't eat much..
according to ma calculations the total songs that we sung for the entire day was
47 songs!!XD
we had loads of fun man!=]
and oh oh oh i got this really really really cool v'day gift during that day.!!
eventhough its not much but i
really really loved it!! because i love her!!

Say hi to PEANUT!!!XD

the quality and the texture makes me adicted to it!!

they took some candid of me while in the bus

still wanna noe who took it...

i so love her!!=3

ok lets not get out of topic shall we!!XD

the most coolest thing ever is that the last house was sui luns place!!XD

he played the piano for us and it was really really nice=]

all of us was exhausted... after that reached temple about 7..

all of them went home early.. accept me..

stayed in the temple until 8.30..

and thats all for the Saturday!!=]

Thursday, February 14, 2008


to all of you out there Happy Valentines Day!!

Today is a very special day for those who have their love of their lives=]

Feel happy for each other and have fun!!!
~Dr3amX over and out~

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese New Year comin real soon=]
Lets see...
1. New clothes CHECK
2. New shoes CHECK
3. New hair do N/A
Hmmmm.basically got everything ready for this years chinese new year=]
on the 17 Feb were gonna have cny carollingXD
Can't wait for Chinese New Year!!!
can get all the
ANG PAU!!!!!
and get to go peoples house to celebrate with them!!!
nothing much happened in life actaully
its kinda boring to cut short....

Monday, February 4, 2008

OMG know me...John...the lifeless little me...yeah..ok..... I was like searching the net for some things to do with human beings right?? Then i saw this SITE it looks kinda intresting...

When i entered i almost vomit ma breakfast out!!

Somethings are better be seen than heard..=]

i've more actually but im just to disgusted to post it up
What are this people thinkin man??...

at last!!
got my internet baaack=]
from now on...
Constantly gonna update ma blog!!XD should i start from?....oh! ok ok! at last i've got a position in the 2nd comittee list!!=]
Sorry.. justin did not get the place=P