Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today i went to Midvalley.. a rather last minute plan,
*and i mean VERY last minute plan
We had a decent movie to watch(:

Brides War.

out of the blue moon.. Bryan and Swee Pie joined usXD
they bought a movie called..
Chandni Chowk To China~!
*try to say that in fast.. its like a crazy tongue twister!*

I swear this will be the last and final time i'll ever watch a HINDI Movie!

God bless there was subtitlesXD

it was 'kinda' funny(:

but it wasting 3 hours show....

Im totally exhausted right now..

and i'll bloog more tomorrow(:


I'm done for(:


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Show is a Must to watch(:

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
It has a rather unique storyline.
Very different atmosphere when i was watching this show
just take it as literature=]
The ending was like no others!
I'm not going to be a spoiler and brag everything outXD
its base on a book by 'F. Scott Fitzgerald'
And im so getting this book=]
Its one of the best movie i've watch this year(:
i hope more from David Fincher(:
*omg.. i'm like promoting this movie or something*
oh wellXD
I'm done for(:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alas found 'Proper' time to bloog..
firstly i would like to say..
1. Sorry for not blooging for like a month!
2. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone
3. I love my guitar
4. I love my singing
5. I love my baby
erm.. gtg
Dinner awaits
Band calling
mum Bragging
update more later(:
Im done for(: