Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hello again(:
okay guys, this post is gonna sound totally weird, and i bet this...

"What the hell?!''
''Yeng, man''
''Omg, he needs a life..''
''i want also):''
and etc...
I'm collecting Transformers action figures. YES. and i know it sounds darn awkward and stuff but i extremely like Transformers!!!!!!!!!!! Gah!!!! *and Megan Fox(: Teehheee
So far i collected four, outta 12983619283. They are, Super expensive. They can range up to 29.90 to 439.90!(: I'm the average boy, thus i have models which cost from 59.90 to 289.90:X. Here are the models i've gotten so far,
Megatron (Cybertronian Tank)
Smokescreen (Pontiac)
Soundwave (Satelite)
Breakaway (F-35 Raptor Jet)
and I'm currently
hunting for these..
Optimus Prime
Bumble Bee
The Fallen
*These are so hard to find!:X
so here's the question. "Do you like Transformers? and which Bot you guys like most?(:''
Till then,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Im back(:

Okayh, Some of you might know that i've not played any sports for close to 2 months. BUT not any more! THey've fixed the FIFA size field near my house(: alas, matted grass, no sand, field's outline, and goal post. Can't wait to shed some sweat, break some legs, score some goals!
Still can't find my cable):

Here's todays question.
"What sports do you think that makes you loose those pounds?XD"

Till then,