Friday, May 30, 2008

i don't wanna close my eyes..
i want to see us grow together
those moments that we had,
can never vanish..
we Had both rough and unforgettable moments,
as they say, life is never full of butterflies and rainbows,
parting from you hurts me more then knife stabbings.
right into the heart.
people think differently about us,
but they don't know what is it like to love each other differently
its like butterflies and rainbows forever.
but butterflies and rainbows vanish
BUT not this
no matter how far we are
i'll always love you..
stop crying and i'll start smiling

Saturday, May 17, 2008

omg.. TAGGED!

1 First Name- Wong *wearing it loud and proud!

2 Nickname- John
Name the wish u had-John *just fine and i like it(:

3 What do people normally mistake your name as-Jon,Jonh,Joe *hilariously pathetic=P

4 Birthday- 27 June 92 *ok, now you owe me 2 presents=]

5 Birthplace- Kuala Lumpur, British Embassy

6 Time Birth- 6pm

7 Single or Taken- Its for me to know, and for you to find out=P *taken=D

8 Zodiac sign- Cancer

Your Appearence

9 How tall are you- 172cm

10 Wish you were taller- if i said yes i'll look like a walking pillar....

11 Eye Colour- Miserable black..

12 Colour you want- brownish black??

13 Natural Hair Colour- dark brown with alot of black *sounds really really racist

14 Current Hair Colour- brown black

15 Short or Long Hair- currently short, but it'll GROW!! *i miss you long hair><

16 Dye Your hair a bizzarre colour- well.. lemme see if i wanna look like some hooker why not??!!XD *which i will never do.. tsss

17 Last time you did something with your dramatic with your hair- well.. since my hair is short i can spike!!=D *you're not to bad

18 Glasses or contact- Glasses

19 Do you wear make up- please refer to number 17

20 Ever had hair extension- please refer to number 19, if you're not very clear then refer to number 17

21 Ever had hair extension- please refer to the above, if above is not clear refer to number 19 or 17.

In the opposite Gender

21 what colour eyes: black or brown

22 what colour hair: brownish black

23 Shy or Outgoing: woah... lol mostly shy=P

24 Looks or Personallity: Hahah i gotta answer this one..Damn Hot=] sweet person

25 Sexy or Cute: Nah.. HOTXD

26 Serious or Fun: haha Fun and Serious together=]

27 Older or Younger: Younger=D

28 turn on: Hyper!!

29 turn off: Silent=/

30 Flowers or Chocolate: chocolates!!! =P

31 Pepsi or Coke: Well i don't know actually

32 Rap or Rock: Rock i guess??o0

33 Relationship or One Night Stand: relationship... duh...XD

34 School or Work: School(:

35 Love or Money: of course love=]

36 Movies or Musics: both musics and movies(:

37 Country or City: both i guess=P

38 Sunny or Rainy Day: Rainy day *darkens the mood=/

39 Friends or Family: both!=D

40 Have Your Ever Lied: well what do you think???!!!

41 Stole Something: its for me to know and for you to find out!!!XD

42 smoked: nah..

43 Hurt someone close to you: yea.. and i hope she forgives me><

44 Broke Some one's heart: yeah.. but i mended it back=3

45 Had your heard broken: yeah.. bad memories..tss..

46 Wondered whats wrong with you: yeah.. i like short hair...tss..

47 Wish you were a prince/princess: like duh...

48 Liked someone who was taken: nah...

49 Been in Love: yesh of course.. many times in fact XD

50 Used chopstick: NO I NEVER USE BEFORE!!... lol... wtf..XD

51 Sang in the mirror to yourself: yeah.. and it was a rather horrifying act!XD

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sum 41- Best Of Me
Exams in like a week more..
time passes really, really fast..