Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey guys(:
I apologize bcs i didn't blog since 1239897 B.C I was hibernating(: yeah. sooooooooo, I promise some people that I'll update today(: As you guys all know yesterday *27.6.2009* was my Birthday! the day that i was being given birth too. It was a blast!:D went out with both school, KDU Bud's and Bisds Bud's. Futsal and Dinner with Kdu, and Karaoke with Bisds! both was filled with surprisesXD. awesome stuffffffff. haha. okayh. i'll
blog about my piccy's tmrw. Cause i haven't receive all my presents yet(: *hinting Baby* so yeah. but here's a picture for you to MASTURBATE tooo!!!!!

*awkward silence*

JOKING!!!! SO INAPPROPRIATE=X DON'T FLAG IT!(: You know I'm just kidding right?XD haha...
This is the best picture i can find of me(: lol and you know me. I dont put pictures of myself in my blog=X but what the heck(: and yes i took it from Xin Yi's bloog(: she's right behind me, haha she never fail to have a picture perfect): Nevertheless.
yeah so i'll end my blog with a question(:
Im planning to make my bloog more socializable? you know what i mean? yeah instead of me yapping, you guys can communicate with me(: answers gotta be commented to the post!
here's the question, ''What do you fear most when a picture of you is taken?''
SO leave me comments! I'll read'em all, so Answer it!..
Take care(:


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su3lYn said...

hmm.. im afraid that..... JOHN's gona laught at me xP