Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey guys(: remember i told you guys i stopped school and stuff, well yeah. here's the post about my... Home School!*its a centre*

Let me explain what home schooling actually is. Its a non government recognised education system, well the world recognises it. accept here.... tssss.. stupid.. It's runned my a bunch of devoted-to-education teachers, and they teach people like us, American syllabus. We take 'O-levels' for final year, which is much more hassle free then Good 'Ol SPM(:
Well, I've been there for nearly 3 weeks and and to summarize everything.. Its not half bad.=X
you get all your basic necessities. You study, you have your typical break and lunch time, and most of all there's such thing called 'Devotion Time', it's when you read a verse from the Bible. *note: I'm not Christian* Its kinda fun, but most of the time i sleep, so do the rest of my buddiesXD.. remember what i said earlier? basic necessities? yeah it applies here!=]
 this is my place, If you can see, my table is kinda full of drawings, sketches and what not(: *look closer to the bottom left corner and you can see a little drawing of a goal post and a little ball made outta rubber dust(productive)*And I'm actually surrounded by 3 wall like barriers..  totally solo, when you do work=X I do apologise if my table looks neatXD cause class ended when i took this picture. Last thing! i apologise for my post being so 'wordy

Till then, 
I'm done for(:

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