Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hello again(:
okay guys, this post is gonna sound totally weird, and i bet this...

"What the hell?!''
''Yeng, man''
''Omg, he needs a life..''
''i want also):''
and etc...
I'm collecting Transformers action figures. YES. and i know it sounds darn awkward and stuff but i extremely like Transformers!!!!!!!!!!! Gah!!!! *and Megan Fox(: Teehheee
So far i collected four, outta 12983619283. They are, Super expensive. They can range up to 29.90 to 439.90!(: I'm the average boy, thus i have models which cost from 59.90 to 289.90:X. Here are the models i've gotten so far,
Megatron (Cybertronian Tank)
Smokescreen (Pontiac)
Soundwave (Satelite)
Breakaway (F-35 Raptor Jet)
and I'm currently
hunting for these..
Optimus Prime
Bumble Bee
The Fallen
*These are so hard to find!:X
so here's the question. "Do you like Transformers? and which Bot you guys like most?(:''
Till then,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Im back(:

Okayh, Some of you might know that i've not played any sports for close to 2 months. BUT not any more! THey've fixed the FIFA size field near my house(: alas, matted grass, no sand, field's outline, and goal post. Can't wait to shed some sweat, break some legs, score some goals!
Still can't find my cable):

Here's todays question.
"What sports do you think that makes you loose those pounds?XD"

Till then,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hey guys(:
okayh, I'm back. Okayh in this post i suppose to upload some piccy's of my presents that i received=X but sorry to burst your bubble. I took the pictures and i lost my camera cable..... Yeah...... sooooooooo... Gimme some time to find it(:
Okayh here's some fun news(:
Went to Pasar Seni about an hour ago and got Suelyn 2 Hamsters and a starter kit thingy, that comes with a cage, exercise wheel, wood flakes and hamster nippy's(:

Their name is Chocolate & Milk. They are the most adorable four legged creatures ever!XD It was a surprise for her and, so yeah she loved it and now her dog can't stop sniffing and licking it!:D hahahah. OH, one more thing(:


the last time i posted a question it was about picture taking and stuff, the feedback was good. BUT, I know you guys can do better!:D and y'all don't seem to understand one thingXD the answers are suppose to be commented not at the chat box but, below this post there's a little 'Answer Here(:' tab.
So just comment there(: Okayh, I'm done for now. Will find me stupid camera cable.

Oh last thing! Congratulations Justin Lee for being the lucky candidate to do National Service!:D hahahah hilarious dudeXD
*If you want to check just type 'PLKN SEMAK IC number' and send to 15888*

Here's today question(: 'What animal do you think is the cutest and what would you name it? AND tell me whether you are a candidate for NS!:D'

Till then,


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey guys(:
I apologize bcs i didn't blog since 1239897 B.C I was hibernating(: yeah. sooooooooo, I promise some people that I'll update today(: As you guys all know yesterday *27.6.2009* was my Birthday! the day that i was being given birth too. It was a blast!:D went out with both school, KDU Bud's and Bisds Bud's. Futsal and Dinner with Kdu, and Karaoke with Bisds! both was filled with surprisesXD. awesome stuffffffff. haha. okayh. i'll
blog about my piccy's tmrw. Cause i haven't receive all my presents yet(: *hinting Baby* so yeah. but here's a picture for you to MASTURBATE tooo!!!!!

*awkward silence*

JOKING!!!! SO INAPPROPRIATE=X DON'T FLAG IT!(: You know I'm just kidding right?XD haha...
This is the best picture i can find of me(: lol and you know me. I dont put pictures of myself in my blog=X but what the heck(: and yes i took it from Xin Yi's bloog(: she's right behind me, haha she never fail to have a picture perfect): Nevertheless.
yeah so i'll end my blog with a question(:
Im planning to make my bloog more socializable? you know what i mean? yeah instead of me yapping, you guys can communicate with me(: answers gotta be commented to the post!
here's the question, ''What do you fear most when a picture of you is taken?''
SO leave me comments! I'll read'em all, so Answer it!..
Take care(:


Thursday, April 23, 2009

hey guys(:

I'm not sure about you guys, but these few weeks the sun is killing me! It's like an bloody incinerator! It's ridiculously hot, not sure about you guys in Kdu! gaaah!! i miss the super cool air conditioning. My class have air conditioners, but they are super retarded and instead of making the room cold it makes it stuffy, and Smelly! bloody aye.. Came home rather earlier today cause I'm sick and stuff. This Sunday we're having the 2nd stage of Auditioning for Solo Singing and group! can't wait and rather nervous=X omg... erm i ordered pizza like half an hour ago and I'm going to go indulge my hunger into it now(: teehee=]

Till then,
I'm done for(:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is a song post(:

gosh, its been awhile since i found a good, decent girl band that actually satisfy my hunger for music!! the bands' name is called
Hey Monday.
Some of you might know this band from the radio famed song, Homecoming.
But as usuall radio plays the average song from the entire album. not sure why. but... it's kinda irritating hearing the same song every single day.. gah!XD okayh. these are some piccy's of the band. the lead singer is called Cassadee Pope(: awesomest stuff. Youtube their songs.
Till then,
I'm done for(:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey guys(: remember i told you guys i stopped school and stuff, well yeah. here's the post about my... Home School!*its a centre*

Let me explain what home schooling actually is. Its a non government recognised education system, well the world recognises it. accept here.... tssss.. stupid.. It's runned my a bunch of devoted-to-education teachers, and they teach people like us, American syllabus. We take 'O-levels' for final year, which is much more hassle free then Good 'Ol SPM(:
Well, I've been there for nearly 3 weeks and and to summarize everything.. Its not half bad.=X
you get all your basic necessities. You study, you have your typical break and lunch time, and most of all there's such thing called 'Devotion Time', it's when you read a verse from the Bible. *note: I'm not Christian* Its kinda fun, but most of the time i sleep, so do the rest of my buddiesXD.. remember what i said earlier? basic necessities? yeah it applies here!=]
 this is my place, If you can see, my table is kinda full of drawings, sketches and what not(: *look closer to the bottom left corner and you can see a little drawing of a goal post and a little ball made outta rubber dust(productive)*And I'm actually surrounded by 3 wall like barriers..  totally solo, when you do work=X I do apologise if my table looks neatXD cause class ended when i took this picture. Last thing! i apologise for my post being so 'wordy

Till then, 
I'm done for(: